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Odyssey (HBTI, Kanpur)
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! An idea originates and finds someone through whom it can manifest itself. That fortunate someone, experiences during the birth process, a feeling which is beyond description. Imagine for a moment that you are witnessing the creation of the universe. That's Odyssey. Odyssey witnesses priceless, rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry among the youth of this country. Odyssey affirms a pulsating and dynamic competitive platform for the budding technocrats of the nation. Odyssey incorporates the vitality to cajole them into being the custodian of what is actually their birth-right, which is talent, creativity and above all their identity. The seed were sown in 1985 and under the care and guidance of our respected and dedicated seniors it is in full stretch to fruitify. Following their path and layouts this time it's our opportunity to hold this fest .Odyssey has drawn a footfall of about 10,000 youths from various schools and technical institutes, from all over the country previously and as it's been 25 years we are in very much enthusiasm and full of zest to take the platform to the next level and floor almost double crowd this year.

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