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Management in Turkey
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Structural hierarchy, such as "Sabanci Holding", is visible in the arrangement of offices: president and his inner circle are located on the top floor of the head office building, vice presidents occupied the next two floors below, even lower positioned managers and so on until ground floor, where there is a typing pool. The principle of concentrating all power in the hands of the leader is an integral part of the Turkish model of governance. This does not mean that the Turks blindly obey the central government. On the contrary, there is a constant tension between the need for a strong government, on the one hand, and individual protests against it - on the other. The situation in the Turkish company at first glance seems very democratic. Head always refers to a subordinate to "you" can be a pat on the shoulder. In fact, the Turkish business culture autocratic - decisions are always made head alone. However, the error is easily forgiven, especially if the manager holds a high post. Top managers in Turkey believe that their high positions in the business hierarchy they occupy because of their intellectual abilities.

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