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University Of Toronto President's Estate
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The University Of Toronto President's Estate is a 3.5-acre (1.4 ha), 32 room residence for the University of Toronto's president located in the neighbourhood of Rosedale in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The property overlooks the Park Drive Reservation Ravine formed by Yellow Creek and goes from Highland Avenue halfway down to the floor of the ravine.The upper lawn is bounded by mature Quercus and Acer saccharum on the north with a single mature specimen of Acer saccharinum and Ailanthus altissima next to the thirty two room estate house and a Robinia pseudoacacia on the Eastern edge of the half acre lawn.A steep grassed slope flows south to the second terrace where the greenhouses, sheds and cold frames are located on the west side and a large gazebo situated beneath two large Salix babalonica which have since, blown down in a windstorm in the early 2000's. Beneath a stone step lies the remains of a family pet whose name (Billy, 1947) is inscribed upon the stone.

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