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Whispers in the Rigging: Blue Moon Investigatio...
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What lurks in the shadows at the Royal Navy Historic Dockyard? Is it something evil and malignant? Will it suck at your soul? No, because it will be some idiot in a costume, same as always. Tempest Michaels is going undercover with best friend Big Ben to find out why his dad was found unconscious and stuffed into a wheelie bin. There is no client this time, just a definite need to find someone worthy of a jolly good punch in the pants.With strange noises coming through the floor of the rigging room and reports of ghosts seen at night wearing the uniform of 18th-century Royal Navy officers, the chaps set out to unravel the mystery, but is there more going on than a simple fake haunting? Also, what do the old Navy boys mean by their offer of help? And why are so many of the employees Ukrainian?It’s going to take more than a determined approach and Big Ben’s top chat-up lines to get through this one. Plus, it’s Jagjit’s wedding next weekend, which means a bachelor party in four days’ time.Will he survive the anti-Army banter of the old Navy boys? Will Big Ben copulate with every single woman on the night-shift cleaning crew?Join them as we find out just what is causing the whispers in the rigging.Warning: This audiobook contains some mild cussing and sexual references. Nothing that would be R-rated, but I would not let my nine-year-old niece listen to it. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Charles Robert Fox. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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